We offer customized solutions using a variety of processes, including thermoforming, die cutting, ultrasonic welding, RF heat sealing, slitting, laminating, and sewing. Our services also include sub-assembly, inventory management, rapid prototyping, and design & engineering support.

Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering experts consult with clients to deliver solutions using the most technologically advanced materials and processes available.

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Die Cutting

Die Cutting Services

We offer precision cutting solutions including Flatbed Cutting, Rotary Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, and Laser Cutting, and will work with our clients to determine the best processes for every project.

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Heat Sealing

Heat Sealing & Welding

We offer Heat Sealing & Welding services that create the strongest, most durable bonds for all types of projects involving thermoplastic sheeting, fabrics, films, and packaging solutions.

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Compression Molding Parts for Autos and Prototyping

Compression Molding & Vacuum Forming

Thermoforming describes processes by which plastics and flexible materials are molded into specific shapes using custom forms and heat, and is a great alternative to the more costly injection molding methods.

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Laminating Machine

Slitting, Sheeting, Laminating, Stapling, Sewing

We offer a broad range of slitting, sheeting, laminating, stapling, and sewing solutions in-house, so clients can complete projects involving multiple materials and processes, all without having to outsource to other vendors.

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Inventory & Logistics

We offer everything you need to keep your inventory moving and organized, including assembly, kit packing, fulfillment services, and inventory management and distribution services.

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Rapid Prototyping & Samples

We have the expertise and equipment to produce prototypes quickly, accurately, and cost-efficiently, so you can design and test parts and products on-budget and on-schedule.

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Sub Assembly Machine


By using our in-house sub-assembly services, your company can save time and money on logistics and ensure your products go to distribution as soon as possible.

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Airplane Ship Truck Non Automotive Vehichles

Non-Automotive Applications

In addition to working with top automobile manufacturers, Sensical's expertise and capabilities are also used for aeronautics, maritime, aviation, and camper/RV applications.

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