Compression Molding & Vacuum Forming

Thermoforming describes processes by which plastics and flexible materials are molded into specific shapes using custom forms and heat, and is a great alternative to the more costly injection molding methods.

Compression molding for automotive parts and rapid prototyping.

Compression Molding

Our compression molding machines allow us to quickly and efficiently produce plastic and fiberglass parts with a high level of detail and very little material waste. This is ideal for producing larger parts, more intricate designs, and higher volume runs. It is one of the more cost-efficient molding processes as compared to methods like transfer and injection molding, and is ideal for parts made with more expensive materials due to the reduced waste.

Vacuum formed auto parts from Sensical, Inc.

Vacuum Forming

Industrial vacuum forming works by stretching a material over a mold and using vacuum-induced pressure to shape the material to the mold. Our vacuum forming equipment allows us to create both large and small components out of thermoplastics. Once a mold is produced, both full-scale production runs and prototype parts for testing can be produced quickly and easily.

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