Rapid Prototyping & Samples

We have the expertise and equipment to produce prototypes quickly, accurately, and cost-efficiently, so you can design and test parts and products on-budget and on-schedule.

Design services and materials selection for rapid prototyping.

Quick Turn Prototypes & Samples

At Sensical, we understand that developing and testing new designs is a critical part of bringing new products to market. We also understand that this process can be time consuming and can lead to missed opportunities in introducing new products to your clients. To shorten that time and bring peak efficiency to your development phase, we offer quick-turn prototyping, using the materials and tolerances you’ll need for a finished product, so that you can thoroughly and accurately hone your designs without wasting time or money.

Our Art and Engineering team has dedicated equipment to support prototype and pre-production part development. We work with clients throughout the design and production process and provide prototypes using a wide variety of materials and processes. This allows for testing and reviewing multiple iterations of designs before larger scale, more expensive and time-consuming production processes are started. We understand that budgets and schedules are often tight, and we work with our clients so they can offer high-performing products and designs.

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