Heat Sealing & Welding

We offer Heat Sealing & Welding services that create the strongest, most durable bonds for all types of projects involving thermoplastic sheeting, fabrics, films, and packaging solutions.

Heat Sealing equipment for connecting thermoplastics.

Heat Sealing

Heat Sealing is the process of connecting thermoplastics using heat and pressure for efficient, effective, beautiful seals and edges. Our heat sealing equipment is ideal for edge finishes designed for aesthetics, edge closures that minimize dust exposure, and attachment points strong enough to perform under pressure.

Ultrasonic welding equipment for rigid plastics.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding is similar in process to RF Welding but uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations instead of radio waves, causing friction and then heat which fuses materials together. Fast and accurate, this is a great method for rigid plastics and smaller, customized parts.

RF Welding equipment for thin thermoplastics at Sensical.

RF Welding

Radio Frequency (RF) Welding is the process of using high frequency electromagnetic energy (radio waves) to cause a molecular reaction in materials that creates heat and causes the materials to bond together. It creates strong, consistent, leak-proof, aesthetically-appealing joints and works on materials as thin as 0.001 inch.

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