30 Years of Materials & Design Services for the Automotive Industry

Sensical Inc. is an ISO certified provider of value-added materials processing and converting services. Our capabilities include design & engineering support, rapid prototyping, custom masking solutions, heat sealing, die cutting, laminating, and inventory & logistics services.

Sensical, Inc Headquarters in Solon, Ohio

About Sensical, Inc.

Sensical is about partnerships and accountability, and our most important partnership is with you, our customer. We believe in building close working relationships that allow us to understand your goals and share them so that we can help you achieve them. We keep customers for years, and we’re open about why: Sensical is part of your team.

In our own company, everyone’s a partner. We believe in accountability, teachability, and commitment to quality. That’s what we expect from everyone who works at our 200,000 square foot Solon, Ohio logistics and production facility, and that’s what you can expect from us. We’ve been doing this a long time — since we opened our doors for the first time in Cleveland in 1978 — and we’ve found a way of operating that lets us foster a quality-conscious company culture at every stage of ideation, design, fabrication and shipment.

At Sensical, we’re always looking for new ways to serve our customers better. Continuous improvement goes beyond the tools and techniques we use. Everyone here is committed to ongoing training and education, monitored and mentored by management.

We’ve changed a lot of things since 1978. We’ve moved into new areas, like our 1987 move into the visual graphics printing space, or our 2001 entry into material conversion, or when, in 2009, we started creating sewn automotive interior components. We’ve moved our facility across Ohio, we’ve moved into productive, mutually rewarding relationships with Roadway Express, General Motors, and many others. We’ve made many changes over the years to grow and better serve our customers, but our belief in partnership and our commitment to quality has stayed our top priority throughout the years.

Sensical's mission statement for a strong team in the automotive industry

Mission Statement

Sensical Inc.’s vision is to be a lasting, profitable, thriving company, acknowledged regionally for its integrity, spirit of creativity and long term contribution to the prosperity and productivity of its customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers.

Sensical's commitment to sustainable practices



Sensical is committed to reducing waste and environmental damage via our intensive onsite recycling system, which has kept 2.5 million pounds of scrap and waste out of landfills.


We partner with local charitable organizations and engage in efforts to provide children from less-fortunate families with school supplies, support vulnerable young people and their families through the holidays, and contribute to the research efforts of the Velo Sano cancer research organization.

Sensical's commitment to quality


ISO Certification

We’re committed to maintaining quality in everything we do, which is why we believe it’s a critical part of our business model that we’re covered by ISO guidelines. At every stage of our workflow, from new quotes to manufacturing and shipping, ISO guidelines are in place.

Sensical is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified.

(ISO 9001:2015 is a performance-focused quality management system certification: read more here .)

Quality Management System

Sensical Inc.’s long-term contribution to the prosperity of customers, associates, shareholders, and suppliers shall be ensured through our quality management system. It is our commitment to implement, maintain, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system through our Core Values and Absolute Quality mindset. Our Quality System will be monitored and measured through the Risk, Opportunity, Objectives and Leading Indicators laid out in our official company Quality Policy.

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We are building the future through our manufacturing and technology expertise. The foundation for this future is our talented and dedicated associates. We are always seeking other dedicated and inspired individuals to join our team.