Automotive Materials Converting Specialists

We have developed a product line that puts over 30 years of automotive experience to work finding safe, high quality and cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced by businesses in the automotive industry.

Specialty insulation materials for buzz, rattle, and squeak issues.

Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle

Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR) refers the the noises resulting from engineering issues in motor vehicles. These pose significant challenges to vehicle and component engineers and often require specially designed components to solve. Our engineering team will work with manufacturers and engineers to develop and produce parts based on the physics, structural dynamics, and materials science needed to solve problems and move designs forward.

Specialty auto parts made with compression molding at Sensical.

Compression Molding

Our compression molding machines allow us to quickly and efficiently produce plastic and fiberglass parts with a high level of detail and very little material waste. This is ideal for producing larger parts, more intricate designs, and higher volume runs. It is one of the more cost-efficient molding processes as compared to methods like transfer and injection molding, and is ideal for parts made with more expensive materials due to the reduced waste.

Insulating materials for the automotive industry.

Sound Absorption & Deflection

Engine noises, vibrations in components, and noises from tires and the road that can increase with speed and driving conditions can pose serious challenges to engineers trying to create a comfortable driving experience. Using top of the line sound absorption and deflection materials including foams, tapes, felts, scrims, and fabrics, we create custom solutions for reducing noise inside the cabin of a vehicle.

Thinsulate and other materials for the automotive industry.

Heat Absorption & Deflection

We provide a wide variety of thermal absorption products designed specifically to fill voids and provide thermal insulation. Temperature regulation is critical to the driving experience and performance of a vehicle, and the smallest inaccuracies can cause critical inefficiencies. We customize all the materials we use to fit your designs perfectly to create long-lasting, effective solutions to challenges in heat insulation and deflection.

Interior & Exterior Aesthetics

We source, provide, and customize a wide array of materials designed to meet interior and exterior design specifications. We know that from the interior upholstery to the smallest detail components, every visible element of a vehicle contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and eventual marketability, and we’re committed to bringing our clients the most innovative, quality solutions for every design.

Custom paint masking services by Sensical, Inc.

Paint & Foam Masking

We use top of the line materials from our trusted suppliers to create custom masking solutions for use on automotives during repairs, painting, and transport. Using our wide variety of industrial cutting equipment, we provide flat and foam tapes in custom sizes, shapes, and formats to make masking easier and more effective.

Surface protection for the automotive industry.

Surface Protection

Through long-standing relationships with some of the most respected manufacturers in the world, we source a wide variety of products designed to protect painted surfaces and interior surfaces during the assembly process and on completed vehicles during transportation. Using our variety of cutting methods we create custom shapes, sizes, and formats for easy and effective use with any elements you need to protect.

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