Sensical has long-standing relationships with the best manufacturers, allowing us to procure the highest quality materials. When it comes to your product, our engineers will work with your company to choose the best materials for the job, guaranteeing optimized performance and cost-efficiency.

Custom Materials Converting by Sensical


Sensical sources and works with the most advanced materials across multiple automotive applications. We deliver cutting edge solutions for automotive needs including upholstery, masking, sound absorption & noise abatement, surface protection, and more.

At our Ohio facility, we create solutions for the automotive industry, designing and crafting custom items that enhance your business. Through our extensive network of industry contacts, we source the highest quality materials. From there, we custom-design high-quality, cost-effective systems for rattle & squeak control, acoustic & thermal insulation, masking, interiors & exteriors, and packaging & protection.

We supply masking materials including high temperature, thin roll fine line, tape and drape and engineered masking systems as well as die cuts. Noise abatement and insulation are achieved with the use of Thinsulate™, shoddy or polypropylene blown padding, as well as acrylic foam tapes. Specially-coated sponge rubber EPDM, EPT and Urethane foam sheets and tapes let us provide excellent insulation and reduced rattle and squeak simultaneously. For vehicle interiors, we can provide a wide range of fabrics and synthetics, including TPU ‘Pleather’ synthetic leather, permanent and temporary vinyl with acrylic or rubber pressure-sensitive adhesives, and felt and non-woven scrims and flocking. Exteriors can be protected with advanced, hardwearing surface protection films.

With over three decades of automotive materials supply experience, Sensical is the natural choice for your business’s automotive needs.

Sensical has extensive experience working with a variety of materials, including:

  • Masking materials (high temp, thin roll fine line, tape & drape, engineered masking systems, die cuts)
  • Thinsulate, Shoddy, Polypropylene blown padding, sound absorption substrates
  • Acrylic Foam Tapes for attachment & noise abatement
  • Foams: EPDM, EPT, Urethane,
  • Felts & non-woven scrims, Flocking
  • Fabrics & Synthetics / TPU “Pleather”
  • Permanent & Temporary Vinyl w/ Acrylic or Rubber Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
  • Surface Protection films

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