Inventory Management & Logistics

We offer everything you need to keep your inventory moving and organized, including assembly, kit packing, fulfillment services, and inventory management and distribution services.

Shipping and fulfillment logistics for improved production processes.

Assembly, Kit Packing, Fulfillment

We’ve spent the last 30 years producing high-quality components of all shapes and sizes and delivering them to clients both near and far, so we know how critical fulfillment logistics are to every production process. We have specialized equipment and expert designers to produce custom packaging guaranteed to get your product to its destination – safely, cost-effectively, and meeting all standards for safety and compliance.

From corrugated cardboard to wood crates, we have experience packaging even the most difficult to contain items. Using bespoke options including custom die-cut boxes and trays, custom inserts, wafer seals, and temperature-regulating materials, we ensure your product is packed properly.

Using our fulfillment services means you will also be able to depend on Sensical to keep your inventory organized and track it’s distribution to all your clients, no matter where they’re located. We take care of the logistics so you can focus on design and product development.

Inventory Management and Destirbution Services at Sensical.

High Volume Program Management (Inventory Management and Distribution)

Inventory logistics have never been as complicated as they are today. We offer innovative inventory management services so our clients can focus on product development and growing their businesses, while we handle keeping everything organized, safe, and in compliance. Our inventory management programs and packaging, assembly, and fulfillment programs often dovetail, giving our clients a simpler and more efficient means of getting inventory into the hands of consumers.

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